Coming of Age

Heading Out

In this episode, we meet our unlikely heroes on the last day of autumn. The winds are starting to blow cold and the days are getting short, and it is on this day each year that the town sends a pilgrimage to the shrine of <city_founder> to collect a spark from the ever-burning flame at his final resting place. This year, the town has chosen several of her up-and-coming children to complete the quest.

Upon waking up in the morning, Aeloiene Haell got up and dressed, and headed in search of her mentor. After walking from one side of the village to the other, she finally arrived at his tower, only to find that he was nowhere to be found. She then went looking for the mayor to see if maybe the town wizard was visiting with him. Unfortunately, the mayor was busy and unable to speak with her.

Meanwhile, Elian Silverkin was waking up and preparing for the day. Upon getting awake, he headed out and across town (ironically, to the area where Aeloiene lived), to visit his mentor, Arnama Lastrid. He got there and asked for her to perhaps join him in gathering the necessary weapons and armor for the trip. She declined to assist him, but advised how to get a small discount on the things he needed. Elian then left and headed out shopping.

As he left to go shopping, Aeloiene arrived and talked to Arnama, who directed her to join Elian to go find his weapons (and also to make sure Elian stayed out of trouble). The two of them arrived at the central square in the village where the two blacksmiths were. Considering the smiths’ wares, they decided to go with the less-expensive shop. There, Elian purchased real weapons and armor. They then headed out into the square to wait for the ceremony.


Once we had all arrived there, the mayor arrived with a wagon with some backpacks and other gear. He called for adventurers to go retrieve the spark. Elian, Aeloiene, and Celomben all stepped up and answered the call. We were given backpacks, some necessary gear, and the lantern in which to gather the spark. After taking the charge to go on this trek, we turned and left to leave the room. After going a short distance into the woods, however, we found ourselves confronted with a group of orcs intent upon waylaying us. Aeloiene detected early on that it was a ruse, but Elian set to fight them and Celomben scurried up a tree. While Elian prepares for a sword fight, Celomben got started with his preparations. However, he detected that there was something wrong with the orcs. After verifying his suspicion, he informed Elian that the orcs were an illusion. Elian checked and determined the same thing, at which point he stood down and returned to heading along the trail.

After a good long hike, the three adventurers found themselves nearing the end of their daylight. They decided that it would be best to go ahead and prepare camp and set watch. Camp was made a bit off the trail, in the interest of not being run into by anyone who might be walking the trail they were on. Aeloiene took first watch with the wolves howling around them.

An hour or so into the watch, a single wolf came into her view, but she looked at it and it headed away again. A short time later, another wolf entered her view. This time, however, it didn’t quietly go away. It jumped to attack. At the same time, two more wolves came out of the darkness from either side and attacked her as well. She screamed, waking up her companions, but not before one of the wolves managed to savage her, dropping her to the ground. Her owl also joined the fray, attacking one of the wolves. The other two started to drag her off into the brush when Elian charged in and slashed one of them apart. The other wolf turned to run, but Elian managed to put an end to that one as well. Celomben ran over and healed Aeloiene to get her back able to assist while Elian ran over to attack the last wolf. Unfortunately, although he attacked, he missed. This wolf, however, was badly enough hurt by the owl that when Celomben joined Elian in attacking it, it could not last the fight and was taken down as well.

After taking out the wolves, Elian skinned them and prepped the carcasses for roasting, while the other two rebuilt the fire to allow the roasting of these wolves. The rest of the night went by peacefully, without any further interruptions.

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